TADA! is a great place for teens to get involved, pursue their love for performance, make new friends, and prepare for the future. Most of the members of our Resident Youth Ensemble are in their teens and come from all over the greater NYC area. Here at TADA!, teens make connections to their peers that last a lifetime – many of our Alumni say that some of their greatest friendships began at TADA!.

The Ensemble Program also offers free training in the form of classes throughout the year. Many of these classes are exclusively for teenagers, allowing for a greater challenge and more in depth experience.

TADA! is a great help when it comes to looking ahead to college, too. We take groups of high school students to tour a variety of campuses each year and can provide assistance with college and financial aid applications. We also offer a paid internship program for teenagers called Job RAP (Readiness Apprenticeship Program) that can help prepare you for the real world job market.

But the thing our teens love most about TADA! is the opportunity to build friendships with their peers who share their interests, and who they might never get a chance to meet otherwise. The Resident Youth Ensemble is here to provide a place to belong, to be around cool people doing fun things. Our regular Teen Movie Nights allow teens to hang out, eat snacks, and watch a movie of their choice with friends. Teens also take advantage of our free or reduced price theater ticket offers to go and see shows together. Our teens are very close, but also welcoming of new members!

If you’re interested in training and performance, then consider auditioning for our Resident Youth Ensemble. And, of course, you can check out TADA!’s current mainstage musical productions.