There are many different ways to volunteer your time at TADA! Please have a look at the programs and projects below then complete the form below to be added to our volunteer list.

Individual Opportunities

A strong Board is the cornerstone necessary to allow TADA! to realize its future goals. TADA!’s Board not only provides financial support, it also brings needed energy, skills and passion to support the organization’s mission and operational needs. To build its ideal Board, TADA! is seeking: 6 passionate new Board Members; $10,000 minimum Give/Get combination; Cultural and professional diversity, with resources in areas including: finance, fundraising, media, celebrity representation, corporate and government relationships.

TADA!’s Board Members must meet core requirements, which include: Passionate belief in TADA!’s mission; Alignment with the following mission-based principles, that 1) TADA! is, first and foremost, a theater company; 2) TADA!’s fundamental contribution to children’s lives is that it makes growing up easier; 3) TADA! serves a diverse group of children both economically and culturally; 4) All members must make a personally meaningful monetary annual gift;

Every few months TADA! has opportunities for volunteers to help us for a few hours. See TADA! shows for free and greet all of the young smiling faces who come to see them. Help us clean up our database and learn about how data is collected and stored. Chaperone an event and help take tickets. Stuff an envelope or 100.

Pro-Bono Opportunities

Be integral in planning the event you want to attend and host while TADA! foots the bill — and a good cause is served! TADA! seeks a strong leader to help plan one major event annually including venue selection, invite design, auction offerings and everything in between.

TADA! seeks a professional graphic designer to help put together an approximately 48-page commemorative program journal in honor of the company’s 30th Anniversary. Needs to be filled immediately.

TADA! seeks a professional videographer/documentarian to film interviews and events and compile them together for a short documentary. Organization has hours of footage to pull from as well as photos and other content already.

Corporate/Group Projects

TADA!’s highly regarded Arts Education programs have brought hundreds of thousands of young people exposure to the thrill of acting, singing, dancing and writing. Despite the difficult economic climate, the organization holds true to its vision of being completely accessible to children and families from all walks of life but schools continue to cut arts budgets and limit children’s access to programs that enhance learning through the arts.

This project will bring a one-day Musical Theater workshop to a school that has expressed interest in enhancing their classroom curriculum but does not have the funds to support an extensive program with TADA!.

  • Goals: Children have the opportunity to be creative for a day and explore a community theme in a less traditional way; kids and school feel the value of this type of program by seeing a corporation give time and money to this type of project; school officials have the opportunity to showcase this type of program to potential funders and other decision-makers.
  • Essential skills: None.
  • Scheduling: 1 full day during the school year
  • Capacity: 8-12 volunteers
  • Associated costs: $2500 to cover the cost of Teaching Artists, transportation and lunch

Each year, TADA! produces three professional musicals intended for family audiences and performed by talented kids between the ages of 8 and 18.

TADA! seeks 2 volunteers per performance to usher audience members from street level to their seats, run a concession stand and work with our house manager to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit to TADA!. Volunteers will also get to enjoy the performance and bring a child guest with them, and corporate partners have the opportunity to put sponsorship signage in lobby.

  • Goals: a well-staffed lobby
  • Essential skills: None. 1 child (age 8+) per adult volunteer welcome.
  • Scheduling: 2.5 on Saturday and Sunday afternoons during performances
  • Capacity: 2 volunteers per performance, 25-35 performances per production
  • Associated costs: $100 per performance for the ticket value

TADA! has inhabited our 2-floor theater and office space for more than a decade. We’ve recently begun to spruce up our space with support from corporate volunteers and now enjoy newly painted walls in our theater lobby and a glossy refinished floor in the rehearsal studio. The next project is to paint our stairwell and dressing rooms with a fresh coat and some brand identity to make our space welcoming to audiences and actors alike.

  • Goals: clean and nice new walls!
  • Essential skills: None.
  • Scheduling: 1-2 days
  • Capacity: 10-12 volunteers
  • Associated costs: $2000 for supplies and food

Seeking 3-5 volunteers for 1/2 day carpentry project. Seeking volunteers with a vengeance! The current theater lobby carpet and stage need to be ripped up in order to lay newer, cleaner flooring and clean out a long-lost storage space. This project would be overseen by a professional carpenter and theater technician.

  • Goals: clean and nice new walls!
  • Essential skills: some strength and minimal carpentry skill
  • Scheduling: 1/2 day
  • Capacity: 3-5 volunteers
  • Associated costs: $1000 for tools and lunch