SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, December 3rd

A no grown-ups allowed fundraiser where kids age 6-12 dance
for 150 minutes, party with friends, and have a blast!
We want to make sure any kid who wants to be at TADA! can afford to be here. Will you help?

TADA!’s annual kid-fueled fundraiser in support of subsidized tickets, financial aid, arts education, and ensemble programs.   The details:

  • Intended for kids ages 6-12
  • Anyone is welcome and kids are encouraged to bring friends that are new to TADA!
  • Party games (run by a TADA! Teaching Artist), giveaways, prizes, and food included
  • 150 minutes of dancing with breaks every hour


  • Participants must raise or donate a minimum of $50 to participate.
  • Each dancer will set up their own fundraiser page and can solicit donations through the system.  Paper fundraising materials are available too.
  • In order to keep it equitable, prizes are awarded to the dancers who solicit the most individual donations, regardless of how much they raise. (For example, a dancer who raises $100 from 45 individual donors wins over a dancer who raises $1,000 from 15 individual donors).
  • Dancers usually raise an average of $300-$500, through a few dancers have raised over well over $1,000.

TADA! s a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving 30,000 children and families each year.