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TADA! Financial Aid for Classes & Camps

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to participate in our musical theater and acting programs regardless of financial status. Thus TADA! provides a portion of our students with need-based scholarships. If you would like to apply for financial aid for your child, please click here to find our Financial Aid Application. All information provided is kept confidential. Please note, in order for your application to be considered complete, you must fill out the form completely and provide the required financial documentation. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Mail to: TADA! Education Department, Attention: Maya Turner Singh, 15 West 28th Street, 3rd Floor, NY, NY 10001
Fax to: 212.252.8763
Email to: msingh@tadatheater.com

Important Notes: 
Families who have been awarded Financial Aid for past classes at TADA! must re-apply each semester. 

You must fill out a separate form for each child, but only need to complete the financial information portion once.

The Financial Aid application deadline for our Fall semester has now passed. However we do offer payment plans for families who request them. To inquire about payment plans please email msingh@tadatheater.com.

We will be accepting applications for Winter Semester Classes on November 1st, 2014.

  • The deadline for Financial Aid applications for 2014 Winter Semester Classes is January 15, 2015.

Financial Aid Awards will be announced approximately one to two weeks prior to the start of the program.

All applications must include the following materials:

  • The Financial Aid Application filled out completely.Click here to download our Financial Aid Application
  • A copy of your 2013 (or most recent) federal income tax return
  • Official documentation of public assistance, if applicable.

*NOTE:  TADA! reserves the right to limit the amount of financial aid applicants per class.  If the number of financial aid students exceeds two (2) students in a particular class, no more financial aid applicants may be added into the class and payment plans are available as an alternative.

Thank you for your interest in TADA!. If you have any questions regarding this application, please feel free to call the Education Department at 212.252.1619 x4.