As a supporter of TADA! Youth Theater, you make a crucial difference in the lives of young people. Whether it be a Resident Youth Ensemble Member who receives positive youth development programming through free training and performance opportunities in mainstage musicals; or a student in our classes, camps, or school residencies, you give them a place to explore and share their gifts with the world. 

Your donation this holiday season goes toward:

Engagement – Your gift will help TADA! to establish a love of the arts in young people which will cultivate the next generation of artists and theatre-goers.

Empowerment – Your gift will help Ensemble Members grow into successful, creative and responsible adults who will be highly valued, contributing members of society.

Community – Your gift will bring children from different races, boroughs, and economic backgrounds together to form lifelong friendships. You will provide a safe space where every child is welcome and feels like they can be themselves.

Imagination – Your gift will give young people the ability to harness their creativity; to tell stories that challenge themselves; to think differently about the world around them.